This example is of a smaller, but still comprehensive 3 page website. It is common to add features and components to customize a website but for the purposes of this example we will choose typical features as listed below:

  • Ideally, the website’s design will follow the company’s branding or corporate identity
  • Page 1 holds a descriptive index linking from the home page to the rest of the website
  • Page 2 has an image gallery
  • Page 3 has a contact form and a map
  • In this example the website owner will write the copy and supply photographs
  • Cyberburst will edit text and images where necessary
  • The whole website does not need to be content managed. In this case, content management remains simple and easy to handle. The text on all the pages can be edited. New images can be uploaded to the image gallery. No need to edit the map or the content form


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