Add Content Management

The Cyberburst Content Management Methodology is unique in that it allows you to choose which parts of the website you want to manage. You don’t have to be exposed to (or pay for) unnecessary features that can be quite confusing when all you need is to manage the parts that are actually of concern to you. This approach to Content Management saves you the unnecessary cost of an entire Content Management System. You only get charged for the parts of the Content Management System you will actually need.

In this example we will only need to manage two parts of the website:

  • Edit the text on the pages
  • Upload images to the image gallery




ConsultationOnce-off€         0$         0R         0
DesignOnce-off€   320$   380R5000
SetupOnce-off€         0$         0R         0
FrameworkOnce-off€      60$      80R1000
PageOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
PageOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
PageOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
IndexOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
Image GalleryOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
Contact FormOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
MapOnce-off€      30$      40R   500
Instant NavigationOnce-off€   190$   230R3000
Content Management (Page)Once-off€      60$      80R1000
Content Management (Control)Once-off€      30$      40R   500
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