What it is

At this point you have a beautiful website design that matches exactly what you envisioned, or better. Getting to this point was a fun, creative process where ideas could flow freely. Now that the design phase is complete, we must no longer be creative. We must be structured. We must be disciplined to develop our beautiful design into a fast, effective, dynamic website which will be an asset to your business for many years to come. For that, we need a plan.

Through many years of experience Cyberburst has formulated a methodology that works for every unique website we build. And that methodology, as pertaining to your specific website, will be documented in a clear, easy-to-follow project plan.

The Project Plan will cover various aspects of your website; from initiation to completion and beyond:

  1. A list of your company’s Key Differentiating Factors
  2. A spreadsheet of your website’s components and prices
  3. A flow diagram of your website’s agreed content structure
  4. 9 small images of your website’s agreed design
  5. A list of content to be sourced and supplied
  6. A list of software components to be included or developed
  7. A list of accounts to be opened (hosting, e-mail, Adwords, APIs)
  8. A list of the content management training schedule
  9. A list of our suggested online marketing methods

The Project Plan, when agreed on and approved by you, is our formal service agreement. It is your undertaking to supply us with the materials and information we may require to build your website and to pay for our services. It is also Cyberburst’s undertaking to complete your website on time, on budget and according to the agreed design specification.

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