Online Consultation

At this stage of the process you are ready, willing and able to go ahead with your dream website. But dreams, unshared, remain just that – dreams.

For dreams to become reality they need to be shared – and shared with the right people. The means to achieve this is the Online Cyberbust consultation.

Practically this entails doing two things:

  • Book a skype call at a mutually convenient time.
  • Then, at the arranged time, enjoy a pleasant, no-obligation, no-charge Skype consultation with a trained Cyberburst web developer where you have the opportunity to explain your needs and share the vision for your website.

In any good plan, the aim, the goal, is established at the outset. The purpose of the entire online consultation is to achieve clarity; clarity on a number of issues:

  • What do you want?
  • Have we heard you correctly?
  • Do we have clarity on the suggested structure of your website?
  • Has the live online demonstration made tangible what is possible, and what is not; has it set reliable expectations of quality and style and competence?
  • Has a realistic estimation of time and cost been established?

You will know that the online consultation has been both productive and successful when clarity has been achieved on these issues.

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