Step 2: Convert to Sales

Instant Navigation

Website performance, above anything else, affects whether your visitors click further, read further and sign up. Slow websites convert less sales because they are less interactive, less responsive and downright frustrating. Web developers put great effort into avoiding website performance issues.

But what if, instead of just avoiding a slow website, actually have a website that is super-fast?

Obviously then, you will have the benefits of a fast website and more. Your website will make competitor websites with average performance seem super slow. That puts you at a great advantage. Cyberburst’s Instant Navigation Framework puts you at that advantage.

It is a fact: Instant websites are responsive, interactive and provide instant gratification. They convert more sales.

Other sales conversion factors

  • An easy-to-follow Sequence Wizard is a clever way to guide your visitors through your website and into the sign-up process. That┬áresults in higher visits-to-sales conversions.
  • Reviews and testimonials provide a supporting sense of community where customers can write about their own experiences with your business. When potential customers read your customers’ comments, such comments assist them in the decision making process. Honest, authentic testimonials help newcomers create well-informed, objective impressions about your business and is often all they need to sign up and do business with you.
  • Star ratings provide a fast, immediate sense of what others think of your company. Like testimonials, star ratings help potential customers create well-informed, objective impressions about your business but on a more subconscious level – even without reading anything. The result is immediate and often such an immediate impression leads to the question: Where do I sign up? Encouraging customers to rate your business can improve newcomer sign-ups dramatically: A study at Harvard School of Business concluded that each half a star accounts for 15% more business.
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