Step 1: Generate Traffic

Google AdWords

AdWords, the popular advertising platform powered by Google, is essentially the only guaranteed way to get top search engine rankings on Google. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is not an art. It is a fact: If you pay, your website will be found. If you bid higher, you will be ranked higher.

Paying / bidding on the Google AdWords platform is simple and fair. The amount you bid is solely dependent on you: It depends on the popularity of the search term you choose, how high you want your ranking to be and how often you want your adverts to appear. For top popularity, top rankings and top display frequency you simply bid higher.

What makes the Google AdWords service truly effective is that your ad is guaranteed to be targeted to an audience that specifically searches on topics related to your business. Secondly, you only get charged when potential customers actually click on your advert. Thirdly, the bidding process gives you full control over the efficacy of your adverts as well as your advertising spend.

Through Cyberbust, getting started with AdWords is simple. There is no need for you to become an expert and do the AdWords setup yourself. For a once-off setup fee we will initiate your entire AdWords Campaign from opening your account through writing your advert, from selecting your keywords to bidding on a position. And once your advert is published, you have the option to continue the process yourself or whether you want us to handle it for you on a month-to-month basis.

And then the rest

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important step towards getting more traffic and grabbing a top spot in search engines. Websites that are optimised correctly work better, perform faster, and are found easier. We know what makes websites compliant to current search engine standards and we apply it with every website we build, from the start.
  • Dark Social, beyond social networks like Twitter and Facebook, is the entire informal communications network that happens through email, texting, chat rooms and forum posts. It takes up more than 69% of today’s sharing activity on the internet. Cyberburst has methods to access that 69% and is a skill well worth utilising if one wants to get internet users forwarding links to your website.
  • Retargeting is a cookie-based technology designed to ‘follow’ your website’s visitors all over the web. Every time someone visits your site and leaves without conversion, adverts about your company will display on subsequent websites to lure your visitors back.
  • Third party promoters are popular, high-credibility websites that promote businesses or products in a specific industry or context. Finding an appropriate third party promoter may require some detective work with which we will happily assist.
  • We suggest finding the key influencers in your industry – those individuals who frequently post on social networks and who have a considerable digital following. Writing relevant, well narrated comments on their social media updates will soon get them to notice you and pass your product or service on to their following.
  • There are many blogs out there and many individuals who are quite successful at blogging and who have a good following. These individuals may not be heavyweight influencers but they will generally have online discussions about topics related to your industry. Becoming part of their followers and posting comments with links to your own website will certainly assist in traffic generation.
  • Get writing and benefit from the most important free marketing tool you will ever possess: A blog. Search engines love blogs for its relevant and original content, aggregators and key influencers use it and refer to it and it provides great credibility among your potential customers to improve sign-up rates.
  • Writing guest posts for other prominent blogs in your niche could generate more traffic than your own blog does. By including a link to your website at the end of your guest post and referring (and linking) to articles in your own website, you can draw in new visitors from a source that already gets great exposure.
  • For certain industries Social Media Websites can be a great tool to get known quickly. By posting comments, requesting likes and joining groups, you target a niche with those who may need what you offer now or in future. It is important to remember that social media websites are not used for business. It is used for pleasure by those who engage with it frequently so you may need to amend your approach quite substantially to get results.
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