Website Development

To understand and appreciate what we do here, you first need to understand what we don’t do:

  • We do not copy and paste other developers’ code
  • We do not use pre-written website templates available on the web
  • We do not use third-party plugins

But with the above being the norm, how is Cyberburst different?

Each website, your website, starts as an empty canvas. The very first step is to create the structure. Your unique structure: The one that is based on the factors that differentiate you from your competitors.

Once your website’s structure has been programmed, it is like a grid with many empty spaces. Those spaces will be the pages of your website and will soon be filled with the elements we have decided on in the project plan. It may be articles or image galleries. Perhaps a map, a product or a contact form. Each element is a stand-alone module which is carefully and strategically placed – fully interactive, fully responsive and content managed. And those modules will always work: They were coded by us personally and they are used on all our websites; our own and many of our customers before you.

From time to time a client will request a new module that has not previously been used or programmed by Cyberburst. Such a module will need to be invented and programmed from the bottom up and as one could expect, a new invention will pose all kinds of interesting ad-hoc issues and challenges. Therefore, the cost of a new module development cannot be pre-determined as with all other Cyberburst products. Instead, keeping a new module development going at an hourly rate makes more sense.

The next step is to match your website’s pages and all the elements on each page to your own corporate identity. We change the colour, the shape and the behaviour of each component to match the unique tone and appearance of your business – resulting in a framework that is ready; programmed, installed and working. Ready to be populated with content.

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