Manage Your Website Online

Now it becomes a matter of preparing and then publishing content to the website.

This is often easier said than done. It can become difficult, often a chore. It gets left for later and heaven forbid, forgotten – leaving any well-developed website looking haphazard, incomplete and downright unprofessional.

Fortunately, Cyberburst has created procedures and functionality to ensure that the process is both efficient and effective.

Actually, there are two issues regarding content:

  • How and Who prepares or creates the content.
    • The first, rather obvious, decision on any individual piece of content is: What is it? There are different creation strategies based on what it is.
      • An image or video
        • Use an existing image you have.
        • Find an image on the web. This can be a fun process, but to do it well, it can also be time consuming. Cyberburst will happily source visual material for you at our applicable hourly rate.
      • An article (sometimes referred to as copy or text)
        • If you have existing text material from existing printed brochures, or digital versions, this can be used as is or amended.
        • If copy needs to be originated, then this can be done by yourselves and pasted into the appropriate section of your Cyberburst OneNote online structure, or directly into your website’s Content Management System
        • Again, because some skill and experience is necessary, this can be a time-consuming process. Cyberburst will happily¬† create written material for you at our applicable hourly rate.


  • ¬†Where to put the content

Placing content often becomes a difficult task for new website owners. It usually requires some learning – especially of the website’s Content Management System. Obviously that is no problem for technology lovers who are able to do things the right way, the first time, but most website owners prefer collaborating. They may want to simply copy and paste their content into a simple structure and perhaps keep it safe for later editing before it is finalized and ready to publish.

Cyberburst has a solution: By utilizing the Microsoft OneNote Cloud Application, we are able to replicate your website’s structure in a simple, user friendly way. That structure gets hosted in the cloud, and is therefore available to you and to us in real time. Once you log in, you are able to paste any content you like into the structure. Thereafter, the content can be edited and reworked by ourselves and by you until it is perfect. And once perfect, we publish it on the website.

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