Am I ready ?

For this process to flow smoothly and quickly to a successful conclusion, you need to be ready on 3 levels:

  • Emotionally: Internally a clear decision has been made. You need and want a new website.
  • Financially
    • What is my budget?
    • Am I able to pay electronically?
      • Paypal
      • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Practically: Details matter. Have I collected together and organised my digital documents and images? Am I ready and able to email them through to Cyberburst either during or immediately after the online consultation?
    • Do I have my graphics or do these graphic assets need to be created in digital format?
      • Logo
      • Images
      • Photos
      • Brochures
    • What about the message? The words. The web copy.
      • Text
      • Articles
    • Do I have any strong ideas in terms of the website’s “look and feel”, its colour scheme, mood?
    • Do I at least have a basic idea of
      • How many pages?
      • The purposeĀ of the website?
        • Informational
        • Marketing
        • E-commerce sales
        • A combination of the above


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