Am I informed ?

When it comes to needing a new website, as with all things in life, being well informed is a big advantage.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a fist impression.

And that, above all else, is what you need to be well informed about. What will be the first impression of visitors to your website; and will that experience cause them to linger longer?

Fortunately there is a very easy, very simple way for you to get this information, the simple two-step website comparison:

  1. Open the following websites in their own browser tab:
    • any company you particularly admire
    • any competitor from within your own industry
    • any website of a global mega-brand
    • a new copy of this website,
  2. One at a time, go through each website in turn, and ask yourself these questions:
    • Does the Home Page give me an instant understanding of the website? 
    • Is there too much happening on the page?
    • Are there too many choices?
    • When I click somewhere, do I have a clear next step?
    • Can I get back to where I was quickly and easily?
    • Do I feel in control?
    • And finally, are there delays when I go from page to page, or can I instantly navigate as with Cyberburst?

Your verdict? From here you will have a very good idea whether Cyberbust is the web devlopment company for you. If so, get in touch. Let us know.


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